Urgency to Define Rules for Telemedicine in New Jersey

Despite several years of discussion, New Jersey remains among the last states in the nation without regulations that specifically address telemedicine. But that could finally change in the months to come. The Senate health committee will consider a bipartisan proposal today that would define telemedicine in state law, establish who is eligible to participate, stipulate what…

What's up with internet radio? One NJ station explains the newest media craze

Before 1993, radio entertainment was brought to our vehicles and boom boxes via air waves. Upon turning the ignition key, music or talk would fill the cockpit of the car, and a metal antenna would bring the latest pop music to the transmitter on the kitchen counter or poolside table. But 23 years ago, Carl Malamud…

Now you can text emergencies to 911 from anywhere in N.J.

PISCATAWAY -- New Jersey is joining a growing number of states that allow people in emergency situations to send a text message to 911, officials announced on Wednesday. The new technology is one way law enforcement officials are trying to keep pace with a growing number of emergency calls placed by cell phones. Seventy percent of…

Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program Encourages Female Coders

If you want to be inspired, take a look at the final project of Girl Unity, one of the teams that attended the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at NJIT this year.  These young women put together a website that matches mentors in the U.S. with girls who need mentoring in developing countries. Here is their mission statement:

Does the town next door have faster internet? This map will tell you

In the race for Internet speed, Gloucester and Cumberland are lagging behind. Data from the Federal Communications Commission highlights the disparities across New Jersey when it comes to broadband technology. The two counties lag on maximum advertised download speed, which 32 out of 39 New Jersey Internet Service Providers reported to the FCC. The median download…

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