New N.J. CTO plans to use cyber background to 'embed' security in state's IT

Gov. Chris Christie tapped Dave Weinstein for the newly elevated cabinet post this week, giving him a chance to put his cyber experience to use.

Christie creates new cabinet post to protect N.J. from cyber attacks

TRENTON -- Gov. Chris Christie on Monday announced he created a new cabinet post in his administration, establishing a chief technology officer post. The governor, stressing the need for state government to embrace new technology at the same pace as the private sector, named David Weinstein as the first person to fill the role. Weinstein is…

State Program Helps Defray Costs of Electric-Vehicle Charging Stations


The state is launching a new program to encourage the use of electric vehicles by awarding small grants to install charging stations at workplaces, government facilities, and nonprofits. Using $725,000, the program will reimburse employers and others to help buy and install the equipment needed to charge the vehicles, which are viewed as a key component…

Code for Trenton Assists Online Presence of City Restaurants

Back in December, Code for Trenton (CfT) volunteers were alerted that many of the city’s restaurants could use a better online presence. There were enticing and unique eateries, but how could they be better found on casual internet searches? So CfT volunteers canvassed the city for the past six months, and we’ve just now essentially completed our goal.

Verizon's big plan to beam super-fast internet to your home

It appears the future of your wired internet service at home is wireless. As Verizon struggles to hit deadlines across the country to wire areas with fiber optics, the company seems to be dialing into the next step of cell phone technology to remove the physical and financial restrictions on wired service. The new 5G service,…

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