After war of words, Newark and Uber make a deal

NEWARK -- The administration of Mayor Ras Baraka announced Friday that a deal has been struck allowing Uber to continue operating in the city. "The city of Newark and UBER have reached a tentative agreement which will keep UBER in Newark, protect the business interests of the taxi and limousine industry and provide a boost to…

New Jersey school consortium bags big broadband savings

A consortium of 145 K-12 schools in New Jersey proved that when it comes to buying broadband, banding together pays off. Led by the state Department of Education, the group succeeded in negotiating a deal that will save the schools $89 million over the life of a three-and-a-half year contract — and provide 2.5 times more bandwidth for the schools.

How a tiny drone could take on a big job on a major interstate bridge

PENNSVILLE TWP. -- Operators of the Delaware Memorial Bridge tried out some potential new employees Tuesday -- drones. They want to see if the arduous and dangerous annual inspections of the two spans can be made easier through the use of new technology. "It has the potential to really revolutionize the way inspections are done," said…

Explainer: Protecting New Jersey's Power Grid Against Cyberattacks

The state's utilities have struggled mightily with extreme weather in recent years, storms that left hundreds of thousands without power, some for more than a week. In response, many are investing hundreds of millions of dollars or more to upgrade their power lines to make them more resilient. Now, the state Board of Utilities is ordering…

Black Girls Rock! 100 teens attend computer science summit


NEWARK -- About 100 teens attended a Saturday morning event in Newark, which sought to get black girls to embrace coding and computer science, no matter what profession they plan to enter. Initially, the young women shouted out different terms when asked who they think of as a "computer scientist." "White!" "Boy!" "Asian!" But the speakers…

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