District and Charter School Students Come Together to Learn Coding

A Newark coding program has been bringing together children from a district school and a charter school every weekend this fall, with instructors from a local college, to teach Newark students important 21st Century technology skills.

Gadget developed by N.J. natives aims to get parents talking more to their kids

Two Jersey City natives are touring the nation in a bus trying to convince parents to spend more time talking to their children. Chris and Jon Boggiano are using the bus, which was parked outside of Liberty Science Center last week, to grab attention for a new gadget they developed that they hope…

The real CSI: How high-tech forensic tools are changing the game in Camden

CAMDEN — Sgt. Carmelo Villegas has said it again, and again, to the crew of crime scene investigators he oversees at the Camden County Police Department. "I tell them, 'You don't know how good you have it,'" said Villegas as he stood in the department's crime scene investigation unit, a recently revamped operation that's slowly being…

Barriers to Sharing Data Sources Could Be Overcome by Proposed Bill

Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers Executive Director Dr. Jeffrey Brenner is leading an effort to map "hot spots" where frequently hospitalized patients live, using the data to make healthcare more efficient. One of the myriad uses for the ever-increasing amount of data collected by state agencies is to demonstrate the close connection between health and social…

Which N.J. county is on cutting edge with drone technology?

CAMDEN -- John Donnadio wasn't shocked when he heard Camden County's freeholders bought a drone. While it's the first time the Executive Director of the New Jersey Association of Counties caught word of any county in the state purchasing an unmanned aircraft with imaging technology -- Camden County's will be used at its correctional facility for…

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