Foundation Aims to Spark Innovation Among Safety-Net Healthcare Providers

 Over the past several years, large and wealthy hospital systems have been investing in technology and dedicated staff to meet the goals of the Affordable Care Act and better coordinate patient care among different healthcare and social-service providers. But for hospitals that serve largely low-income residents, it can…

FirstNet rocks test deployment at Jersey shore

Recent beach concerts in Atlantic City, N.J., provided an ideal opportunity to test JerseyNet, the state’s public safety broadband network and a FirstNet Early Builder project focused on the use of deployable communications assets. Via

NJ Consumer Advocate Wants Verizon to Stop Switching Customers From Copper Lines

The state's top consumer advocate is renewing a request that regulators launch an investigation into Verizon New Jersey's practice of disconnecting its customers from traditional copper-line phone service without telling them in a timely manner that it's doing so. In a second filing with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, the state Division of Rate…

Reading, writing & robots: Electronic teacher aides assist N.J. students with special needs

"WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY AGAIN?" asks the diminutive robot named Peter. Several of the 3- and 4-year-olds in the pre-K/kindergarten class are excited about the prospect. "Yes, robot!" "Let's do it again!" "I love this robot!" they call out. "Can you show me a dog?" asks Peter as the classroom teacher nods to the child…

Chinese Students Visit iCIMS for Glimpse into American Business Culture

A group of Chinese exchange students visited iCIMS, the Matawan-based company specializing in software services for recruiters, on August 19.The students came from Wenzhou University, an affiliate of Kean University’s China campus, as part of Kean University’s English-language immersion program in the United States.

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