NJ's Tech Future Begins with New Brunswick 'Hub' - Murphy

Gov. Phil Murphy introduces his vision for an "innovation hub" in New Brunswick. Gov. Phil Murphy has sketched out a vision for a New Jersey economic rebirth that's centered around innovation and technology, and yesterday the governor highlighted how a four-acre site near the main train station in New Brunswick could eventually play a key…

It's called 'The Hub' and Murphy swears it will help make us a tech magnet

It's called "The Hub" -- a redevelopment project in New Brunswick that Gov. Phil Murphy says will help realize his goal of making New Jersey a magnet for scientific and technological innovation. Plus, it will bring "lots" of new jobs to the state, he said. Murphy and a bevy of state, local, education, and business officials

Can New Jersey Make Net Neutrality the Law for the Garden State?

An Assembly panel on Monday moved a package of legislation designed to ensure New Jerseyans continue to get all internet content without discrimination or extra charges. Net neutrality - the idea that all content transmitted over the internet should be treated equally without imposing different charges on specific users, applications, or content - has been a....

State Still Not Sold on Smart Metering for Utility Customers

The state is still having a lot of trouble making a decision about smart meters and whether they would benefit millions of utility customers. Poised to order state officials to require utilities to install smart meters at customers' homes, lawmakers tabled a bill this week to allow an agency to study how well a modest program…

IT Centralization Review Among New Jersey Committee's Recommendations for New Governor

Members of the New Jersey Government Technology and Innovation Transition Advisory Committee found state infrastructure "outdated" but offered numerous ways to upgrade it and improve innovation.

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