High School Students Display STEM Contest Entries at AT&T's Global Network Operations Center

A science-themed video game, an ultrasonic proximity sensor and models of space-faring robots were just a few of the projects presented by high school students at the AT&T Global Network Operations Center, in Bedminster on June 4.

NJ-SPJ Supports Bills Amending State Transparency Laws

NJ has proposed legislation to update and modernize NJ's Open Public Meetings Act (OMPA) and Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

Changes Coming to the Signs that Tell You if Your Toll was Paid at N.J. Toll Plazas

The New Jersey Turnpike authority is spending $117, 250 to buy parts for workers to rebuild the old "flip-disc" signs to digital displays.  

H-E-L-P! One N.J. county to test 911 texting before it goes statewide

About two years ago, Camden County upgraded their 911 systems in order to go fully web-based and initially planned on utilizing a feature that they expected to be a big benefit to county residents: text 911. They held up their plans to roll out the system after they were approached by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Telecommunication Services to be the test model for a larger, statewide program.

Regulation and Tax Breaks fo Bitcoin Proposed by N.J. Lawmakers

Two north Jersey lawmakers recently proposed a 30-page bill (A4478) that would create a regulatory framework for the companies that deal in digital currency and offer tax breaks to companies that produce, service or exchange it. Via NJ.com

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