Ransomware Attack Takes New Jersey School District Captive

Ransomware took a New Jersey school district captive this week, resulting in staff and students of Swedesboro-Woolwich being unable to access computer programs, files and other network related services.

Telecommunication Concerns of New Jersey Registered Voters Age 50+

As New Jersey considers changes to home phone service, voters age 50+ strongly believe they should have the choice to keep their landlines until a comparable technology is reliable and affordable.

Will Congress Pull the Plug on NJ Online Gambling?

Legislation in Congress threatens to end New Jersey's online gambling operations.

State Invests in Backup Storage for Solar Power and Wind Energy Sytems

N.J. is funding more than a dozen projects to help make solar and wind power more reliable by providing backup energy-storage systems.

NJ Students Learn Physics Through Hip-hop

The physics rules were the subject of hip-hop songs Newark students were listening to recently.

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