Coming Soon: Sayreville's Mall for Millennials

A King of Prussia developer who is developing a Sayerville Mall says: “We are the iPad of malls and outdoor shopping.” Via NJBIZ.

Summit Kicks Off Open Data Movement in NJ

The NJ Open Data Summit May 16 was a day packed with information for those who use open data and those who try to obtain it. will have more from this day in the future, but Debbie Galant of NJ News Commons provided a good overview so we are publishing it here.

Move to Digital Publishing Prompts Princeton University Press to Shut Down Ewing Plant

The move to digital publishing is resulting in the closure of California Princeton Fulfillment Services in Ewing, which publishes and distributes about 340 books for Princeton University and the University of California annually.

Meadowlands Mapping Technology Helps Take Paper Out of Firefighting

The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission's Geographic Information Systems group is piloting a digital mapping tool that will make all that information available on a firefighter's cell phone.The public version of the Meadowlands map contains information on properties within the district, like block and lot number. 

Outdated Technology, Application Backlogs Hinder FamilyCare Enrollment

NJ County welfare offices were not equipped to handle the flood of healthcare applications, requiring the use of paper applications – due, in part, to delays in installing a long-promised computer system. Story via NJSpotlight.

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