Rockaway Township Tech Committee Looks at Website Consistency

In Rockaway Township, a technology committee makes website recommendations.

NJ Senate Committee to Hear Bill that Would Ban Cyber Harassment

Harassing a person over the internet would be a crime under a bill  (S2469) scheduled for a legislative hearing today (Thursday Dec. 5, 2013).

NJ Concertgoers Could Get Free Tickets, Discounts Under Live Nation Settlement

Were you among the hundreds of thousands of NJ concertgoers who bought tickets online for a show at PNC Bank Arts Center from 2003 to 2011? You could be eligible for free tickets and discounts under a preliminary court settlement.

AC Casino Execs Weigh In On First Week of Internet Gaming

Reports are in and Altlantic City casinos are telling NJTV News that with a few exceptions, things are going well with Internet gambling.

Common Core Standards, Online Testing Continue to Gain Ground in NJ

While a few states are getting cold feet about the new Common Core State Standards and the online testing they entail, most New Jersey politicians are concerned chiefly about costs and are waiting -- none too patiently -- for more details from the Christie administration. Via NJSpotlight.

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