Problems with Marketplace Website Force Applicants to Turn to Paper

Problems with the online federal health insurance marketplace have forced New Jersey residents to revert to pen and paper when they apply for coverage.

Robert Woods Johnson Medical School, Now Part of Rutgers, Collaborates on Technologies to Increase Efficiencies in Healthcare Practices

The creation of an Accountable Care Organization at Rutgers will lead to projects that will determine the best way to design a patient portal and how to organize workflow in the primary care office using mathematical modeling.

Mobile App Designed by Mayor Gives NJ Voting Updates

Frank Minor, Logan Township mayor, along with Rich Winestead came up with a mobile app to alert people when elections are being held.

Christie Helps Stevens Institute in Hoboken Kick off Tech Projects

Stevens Institute of Technology is getting a tech upgrade.

New Jersey Towns Tell Verizon They Want their FiOS, Cite Lack of Coverage

Verizon FiOS isn't serving enough people in NJ, attendees at a hearing on renewing Verizon's license said.

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