Extending Real-World Fiduciary Protection to 'Digital Assets'

Many of us have had the unsettling experience of receiving a Facebook prompt for a birthday or anniversary for a friend or family member long since deceased. Nowadays, most people have a robust digital life, and without action, that life remains intact. As more and more New Jersey residents accumulate "digital assets," use online banking, and…

Proposal to Scan N.J. Motorists' Phones Lingers Despite Some Concerns

A gadget that would allow police to search a motorist's phone to determine whether texting and driving was involved in an accident, was not popular among NJ.com readers. Still, the gadget -- called the 'Textalyzer' -- or one like it, could see a roll out in New Jersey. Sen. Richard Codey (D-Essex) introduced a similar bill

Newark ranked 13th for tech talent among top 50 U.S. markets

 Newark moved up six places to 13th in an annual ranking of the top 50 U.S. markets for attracting and growing tech talent. The boost in the rankings is thanks in part to an average tech salary that rose to $107,000 in 2016, according to the global real estate firm CBRE. The so-called Tech…

NJ Could Get More Bang for Tax Incentive Bucks Backing Startups, Not Older Firms

New Jersey in recent years has lavished generous tax incentives on big companies like JP Morgan Chase and Subaru in an effort to bring more jobs to the state or to keep corporations from leaving. But a new evaluation of the state's sluggish economic conditions suggests taxpayers could get more return on their investments with policies…

N.J. moves to regulate growing telemedicine industry

TRENTON -- An Assembly panel Monday voted to regulate the burgeoning tele-medicine industry in New Jersey that supporters say will enable medically fragile people to remain home rather than having to travel for appointments, and save money by cutting back on unnecessary emergency room visits. Doctors and some hospitals, such as the Virtua Health ...

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