Bill to Protect Texters Who Send Messages is Promised

A Republican assemblywoman from Monmouth County plans to introduce legislation to protect texters from being sued if they send a distracting message to a driver who gets into an accident. Via The Star-Ledger.

NJ Registry Will Track Sudden Heart Problems Among Youth

A new State data repository will store and track information relating to sudden cardiac incidents involving children and sports.

Christie Signs Bill Banning NJ Companies from Forcing Workers to Hand over Social Media Passwords

Gov. Christie signed a bill this week that will ban New Jersey companies from forcing workers to hand over user names or passwords to their social media accounts.

NJ Transit Plans New Micro-Grid to Keep System Up when Grid Goes Down

A new proposed microgrid project could keep people working even if the greater electric grid is down. The plan would help get financial markets back on track after a disaster.

Jersey City Stock Exchange Direct Edge to Merge with Bats Global Markets

Direct Edge, based in Jersey City, will be acquired by Bats Global Markets, a Kansas-based rival market. The acquisition is said to bring some competition to the NASDAQ exchange. The impact on Direct Edge's NJ operation is unknown, but the new company will be headquartered in Kansas.

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