Ticket wars: Arenas welcome Paperless Tickets that NJ lawmakers want to ban

There's a big controversy growing around "paperless tickets." Also, lawmakers are considering a ban on "bots" that jam the online queue when buyers are trying to get tickets.

State websites, MVC offices back up after power outage

State websites and computers at the offices of the Motor Vehicle Commission were down today due to an unexplained power outage.

Hamilton Tech Company Changes The Way College and Professional Sports are Broadcast

The 12-person staff at ESPN Emerging Technology in Hamilton, located on American Metro Boulevard, has patents or patent applications for 41 products that have changed the way sports are broadcast, advertised and watched by millions around the world.

South Orange Firm Stands up to Patent Trolls

A South Plainfield luggage firm, Tumi, was being sued by a Florida company for patent infringement on some e-commerce technology it used on its website. The company fought back.

Bill to Protect Texters Who Send Messages is Promised

A Republican assemblywoman from Monmouth County plans to introduce legislation to protect texters from being sued if they send a distracting message to a driver who gets into an accident. Via The Star-Ledger.

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