Tech Jobs Growing Like Weeds in NJ

Judging from job openings, New Jersey’s technology sector has grown enough to put the state in the same league as California, Texas, Virginia and New York, according to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Are you surprised?

Booker’s Role in Web Start-up Targeted at Final Senate Primary Debate

Cory Booker wound up defending his role in the startup Waywire at the final Senate primary debate.

AT&T Chronicles Upgrades to Wireless/Wired Networks in NJ

Wireless provider AT&T said it had invested more than $250 million in its wireless and wired networks in NJ during the first half of 2013.

Internet Betting Industry Flocks To Atlantic City

The daunting financial challenges of the casinos in Atlantic City have not stopped gaming companies from around the world that are determined to establish a beachhead there, especially now that the lucrative business of online gambling is imminent. Via Ryan Hutchins/Star-Ledger.

iSTEM Project in Edison Infuses Curriculum With Science, Tech, Engineering and Math

A pilot program called iSTEM at two Edison elementary schools attempted to infuse the curriculum in grades three through five with more science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content according to a story by Lloyd Nelson on

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