Police Need Warrants To Track Cell Phone Data, NJ Supreme Court Rules

In a trailblazing decision that expands electronic privacy rights in New Jersey, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that law enforcement agencies must get warrants if they want to track crime suspects by tracing the signals from their cell phones. This story reposted from The Star-Ledger.

Text-to-911 close for some in South Jersey

Officials in Camden County say that by this December, people will be able to text a three-digit code and 911 to get help from the county's 911 dispatch center in Lindenwold. It will not be able to be used right away for T-Mobile, they said.

Kiva Zip Opens for Business "Crowdfunding, a Potential Game Changer for Small Business in Newark

A new website at www.kiva.org/newark hosts a list of local Newark companies that are looking to raise money via small loans. Newark is the first city in New Jersey to become associated with this micro loan platform, says Glocally Newark, which is one of the businesses on the site.

Teens Use Smartphones to Map Trees Uprooted by Sandy for Rutgers

At Science Camp, teens are using smartphones to map beech and cherry trees on Rutgers' Piscataway campus that were downed by Sandy.

Online Restaurant Coupons are "Consumer Contracts," NJ Court Rules

Online gift certificates are contracts, ruled the NJ Supreme Court, in a move that could clear a path for a nationwide class-action lawsuit over the online coupons.

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