Developers of Solar Grid-Supply Systems Band Together

New Jersey developers of solar grid supply systems have formed a trade group aimed at convincing legislators and state agencies about the benefits of their projects, many of which are in limbo. This story is re-posted with permission from NJSpotlight.

Employees of Holmdel-based Vonage Win $100,000 To Be Used for Sandy Relief

Employees at Holmdel-based Vonage tested their wits in a contest that included reasoning exercises, intuition, puzzle solving and computation. For their efforts they won $100,000 from Lincoln. The money will be donated to the American Red Cross Jersey Coast Chapter.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Could Add Year-Round Reliability to Renewable Energy

A New Jersey startup in the solar power/hydrogen fuel cell space has created a system he says can be used to store energy on sunny days, to be used during power outages. The system is very expensive now for the average household, but Mike Strizki thinks he can make this a business. We met Strizki at the NJEN meeting in Princeton in April. This article is reposted with permission from NJ Spotlight.

New Jersey Technology Laws Discussed

An editorial piece by Donald Scarinci in PolitickerNJ discusses how New Jersey's laws are trying to keep pace with technology. Scarinci warns that such laws need to be updated frequently to keep pace with technology changes.

Unlike Yahoo, More Bergen County Companies Allow Telecommuting

Even as Yahoo takes back its telecommuting policy, there is some evidence that more Bergen County companies are allowing employees to work at home.

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