Hacking at Montclair State University

Hack Jersey will host a Hackathon Jan. 15 to Jan 27 at Montclair State University focusing on coders and journalists working together to build projects using publicly available data. Participants will meet at a launch party on Friday Jan. 25 and will begin coding at University Hall at Montclair State.

NJ-Endorsed Cyber Security Competition

There is still time to register for the State of N.J.-endorsed cyber security program to be run out of Brookdale Community College, located in the Lincroft section of Middletown Township, Monmouth County. The State is running a contest for students, veterans and others who will win scholarships to this program.

GNEC Offers Free Entrepreneurial Workshops in Newark

In Newark, the Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation(GNEC) is offering a free series of workshops developed to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs learn how to successfully run a business.

New Jersey Schools to Use Lightpath Grants for Innovative Projects

Lightpath, the renamed Cablevision business entity that used to be called Optimum Lightpath, has an annual program that provides grants to schools to upgrade their technologies. Schools apply for the grants, specifying what they would do with the money if it was awarded to them.

In Jersey City, Make an Online Appointment for the ER

Jersey City Medical Center is trying to cut down on the wait time at its ER for patients with non life threatening issues by allowing people to make an online appointment to schedule their ER visit.

The website managers can see what their symptoms are and the time the patient asked for. When he arrives, the patient can go directly to a room. If a patient types in certain words like "difficulty breathing," the system won't let them make an appointment.


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