Rockaway Township Tech Committee Looks at Website Consistency

A technology committee formed in Rockaway Township in September has reported back to the Township Council about improvements to the the township's websites according to an article by Anthony Lusardi contributor to The Citizen of Morris County posted on

The first subject addressed by the committee involved the fire department's website which was privately owned and had not be kept up to date. All of the websites in the town uses different technologies and are not consistent in design for use by the public, the report continued. Two are maintained by volunteers. There is a question over ownership of the fire department’s logo, the article said.

"The committee recommended that the township consolidate both the police and fire department’s websites into the township’s. That would leave information on all three websites updated and available for the public no matter what devices they are using for web browsing," the article said.

The committee also looked at line items for telephones in the budgets attributed to utilities, water and sewers, the article said

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