Jim Barrood Leading New Jersey Tech Council Trade Mission to Cuba

In what can be termed a first for New Jersey and the region, Jim Barrood, president and CEO of the New Jersey Tech Council, will be taking a delegation to Cuba in April to talk to leaders there about mutually beneficial opportunities.

New Jersey Holding On to Its Tech Jobs, Highly Paid Workforce, Report Says

New Jersey’s tech industry ranks 10th in the nation, with its companies employing 204,400 workers in 2014, according to numbers released by the Computing Industry Technology Association (CompTIA).

Safes: Not For Everyone, But They Don’t Try To Be: SPONSORED POST

We are in early days for SAFEs – Simple Agreements for Future Equity, the newest method by which investors can finance start-ups they view as The Next Big Thing – but even with relatively few precincts reporting in, the voting patterns are starting to become clear.

NJTC Tech Trek Leaves Participants Hopeful for Legislative Action on STEM Grad Visas

Each year, a delegation from the New Jersey Tech Council participates in a Tech Trek to Washington, where the members gather with delegations from other states to learn about issues that concern tech companies. The N.J. group then meets with members of Congress to lobby for changes in the law. This was the first time the New Jersey group was led by Jim Barrood, the new president and CEO of NJTC.

New Jersey Cybersecurity Companies To Watch

NJBiz compiled a list of New Jersey cybersecurity companies to watch from a directory developed by Cybersecurity Ventures, a California-based research and market-intelligence firm focused on startups and emerging companies in the cybersecurity industry.

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