New Jersey Takes Consolidated, Fusion Center-Style Approach to Cybersecurity

In post-9/11 America, states have accepted more responsibility in protecting their citizens. And as the firm grip of technology tightens around our daily lives and the most basic operations of government, one state is stepping up to the proverbial plate as a leader in the cybersecurity field.

A New Model for Innovation, Even in the Smallest School Districts

In this new digital ecosystem, the connection between technology, innovation, and ultimately student success is dependent on the ability to create, produce, and implement programs that support the needs of the 54.8 million students in the United States.

New Jersey Companies on the “Hot Cybersecurity Companies to Watch” List

Each quarter, Cybersecurity Ventures (Northport, NY) announces the Cybersecurity 500, a global compilation of leading companies that provide cybersecurity solutions and services. The company says that every quarter there are many new entrants into this market, as well as new mergers and acquisitions, investments and IPO activity — all resulting in constant change in the vendor and service-provider landscape.

New Jersey Startups Abound at NJTC Venture Conference

So many Garden State startups  attended the New Jersey Tech Council Venture Conference that was unable to get to every booth. However, while wandering through the aisles, we saw a few startups we knew and others whom we met for the first time.

Catching Up with Michael Abboud, CEO of Oceanport-based TetherView

TetherView CEO Michael Abboud recalled the long days and nights when he and a couple of engineers worked tirelessly to build the Oceanport-based private cloud solutions startup a few years ago. Last December, TetherView relocated its headquarters from Staten Island to its new home at the site of the former Army base at Fort Monmouth. The startup now occupies the third floor of Russel Hall and is currently renovating the rest of the building.

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