Introducing the New Jersey Startups That Attended the New Jersey EDA’s May Founders & Funders Day, Part One

Twice a year, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) tech and life sciences team puts together its Founders & Funders event, which matches New Jersey startups with angels and VCs. In a single day, during 10-minute meetings, startups have the opportunity to pitch to many investors, and they receive valuable feedback from their meetings that can help them as they continue in their quest for funding.

Welcoming Propelify Attracts People from Different Industries, Many Identities: “Person on the Street” Interviews

The weather report for May 17 didn’t look promising for a waterfront festival in Hoboken. However, the tents being blown into the river and the locked warehouse full of furniture the night before didn’t stop the tenacity and determination of the Propelify Innovation Festival hosts.

Marketing TECHniques: It's All About the Delivery

f you’re in business, it’s a sure bet that you have been involved in the time-consuming task of creating and delivering proposals. Here are tips to minimize miscommunication and maximize your chances of a successful delivery and (hopefully) a signed contract.  For this article, I interviewed Kathy Dunlay, of New England Sales & Marketing, who’s been supporting sales in the tech sector since 1990.

NJBIA Economic Policy Forum Ponders, “Can Tech Help Revitalize New Jersey’s Distressed Cities?”

When she introduced keynote speaker Don Katz, founder and CEO of Audible Michele N. Siekerka, president and CEO of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, called him “a true catalyst for Newark’s comeback. His community building efforts are proof that great companies build great communities.”

Checking Out the Future of AI and How Entrepreneurship Affects Spouses at the Stage of Wisdom: Propelify 2018

When it comes to ideal employees, Amy, Andrew and Eva rock. They work tirelessly: scheduling meetings, recording conversations and taking on various other mundane but important work-related tasks, while never asking for a vacation, sick days or a pay raise. That’s because they’re virtual assistants driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

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