NVP Labs Demo Day is Wednesday

The six startups that make up this cohort are B2B companies that have already gained some market traction. The job of NVP Labs was to help these companies position themselves in the marketplace and get them ready to scale, Tom Wisniewski, managing partner of Newark Venture Partners and NVP Labs told us.


SITO Mobile Ltd. (NASDAQ: SITO) is a provider of proprietary location-based marketing intelligence platform to provide advertisement delivery, measurement and attribution services, and consumer insights to brands, advertising agencies, out-of-house advertisers, media companies, and non-media companies that use consumer insights for strategic decision marketing purposes.  Founded in 2000, the Jersey City-based company has a workforce of 88 employees.   

Build Your Companies on Bedrock, Lidow Advises at Princeton Tech Meetup

We are overemphasizing the high-risk model of entrepreneurship in our society, and thus creating a lot of business failures in our startup culture, said Derek Lidow, Princeton University entrepreneurship specialist and lecturer, at a recent Princeton Tech Meetup event.

The Tech Companies, Startups and Individuals That Call Newark’s Launch Pad Home

A coworking space is made up of its members, and on the day of the Launch Pad ribbon cutting we were able to find several tech entrepreneurs who wanted to talk to us about the space.

Newark Coworking Space Launch Pad Officially Opens with Ribbon Cutting, Jazz Band

The newest entry into the Newark coworking environment is Launch Pad, which joins =Space as a places where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses.

Located in the historic, reimagined Hahne & Co. building, at the intersection of Halsey and New streets, upstairs from the Whole Foods there, Launch Pad has a beautiful 15,000-square-foot space with large tables for communal coworking, private offices, phone booths for private calls, conference rooms and a kitchen and café space. There are couches and lounge chairs, and the place is decorated with art.

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