Vonage Holding Corp. (NYSE; VG) is a provider of cloud communications services for businesses and consumers.

Push for Emergency Responders to Report Data in New Statewide System

In an effort to improve patient care and better monitor public health - including the ongoing opiate epidemic - New Jersey could implement a new statewide system to collect, track, and analyze patient data collected from hundreds of thousands of local ambulance runs. A bipartisan trio of state lawmakers introduced legislation on Thursday that would require…

WorkWave Cuts Ribbon on Headquarters at Bell Works as Tech Hub Continues to Grow

WorkWave cut the ribbon on its new headquarters at Bell Works in Holmdel on May 17, and marked the occasion with speeches by public officials and others who helped make the day possible.When WorkWave signed on to move to Bell Works, the announcement was hailed by the New Jersey tech community as a sign that this revitalized Bell Labs building could become a suburban tech hub.

AI and Robotics Will Disrupt Future Jobs, but How to Prepare is Still a Question

At the Einstein's Alley “Future of Work” symposium on April 25, the speakers attempted to predict the future, though they admitted that they weren’t very good at it. What experts do know, they agreed, is that robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will disrupt jobs — and very soon.

Next-Gen 911 Set to Transform How the Public Interacts with Law Enforcement, New Jersey Official Says

Chief Technology Officer Dave Weinstein says his state — which has the highest population density in the nation — faces a unique challenge in pursuit of a media-rich 911 service. Last year, New Jersey's Office of Information Technology announced the launch of new text-to-911 capabilities that initiated the state's move toward modern public safety technology. Through partnership with the New Jersey State Police and the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, a new emergency tool was extended to the hearing impaired or those in unique emergency situations where they find themselves unable to speak. --StateScoop.com

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