June AITP Meeting Puts IT and Tech Careers in Focus

Panelists at the fourth annual career event of the Association of Information Technology Professionals’ Garden State Chapter were asked to consider what job hunting and career paths look like in an age when companies are not loyal to their employees and change is constantly disrupting jobs.

Behind the Glass, Public SPACE Coworking Opens in Newark to Nurture Tech Community

Commuters hurrying to catch a train in Newark often use a concourse through the office building 2 Gateway Center that passes by Public SPACE, the newest offshoot of =SPACE, a coworking facility with a tech focus.

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You debated your cofounders over it. You spent hours wracking your brain to find the best one. It is the first thing people learn about your company, and it needs to be meaningful and memorable. Don’t let the name you’ve so carefully chosen for your brand be snatched away. Trademark rights don’t come from buying a domain name or hanging a sign on a building, and failure to file trademark applications early on could leave your mark vulnerable to appropriation by a competitor.  

At the NJ Tech Meetup, Hirsch Tells Entrepreneurs “The Odds are Against You” When Looking for Series A Funding

At the June NJ Tech Meetup Brian Hirsch cofounder and managing partner at Tribeca Venture Partners,  was interviewed by Ari Ginsberg, one of the NJ Tech organizers, who substituted as host for the vacationing Aaron Price. Hirsch shared information about his background, Tribecca Venture Partners and gave the entrepreneurs in the audience advice.

Startups Shine at Newark Venture Partners Demo Day “Main Event” — Part Two

Newark Venture Partner Labs held its Demo Day for its second cohort on June 27. In this article, we cover the startups that presented in the second half of that day. The article on the startups that presented earlier in the day can be found here. The important thing to remember is that these startups accelerated their companies in Newark, and it is the hope of the founders of Newark Venture Partners that the companies will stay in the city, grow, create jobs, and bring business visitors to Newark.

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