From Melissa Jackson: Advocating for Inclusion and Facilitating Founders of Color to Gain Access to Resources

In 2016, Newark experienced a wealth of progress and new ideas related to the tech and innovation space. What's most fortunate about this renaissance is that it has managed to maintain a strong focus on inclusion and intersectionality. 

From Fownders’ Perspective: Newark is Becoming ‘Silicon City’, Rich in Social Impact Resources

My team's contribution to Newark is FOWNDERS, the social-impact startup accelerator empowering entrepreneurs from urban areas, including Newark. Through our accelerator program, "Seed 2 Scale,” we give the entrepreneurs the training, resources and mentoring they need to build and sell software and service businesses that are fueling the next leg of our economic growth. FOWNDERS has attracted entrepreneurs globally who now recognize Newark as an innovation hub.

From IDT’s Jacob Jonas: Broad Street Tech Scene is Popping and IDT is a Technological Disruptor

IDT Corporation (Newark) is in middle of a major transformation phase. This past year, IDT renovated its Newark headquarters, converting it into a state-of-the-art facility that complements IDT’s commitment to remaining an important technological disruptor for years to come.

From Panasonic's Joseph Taylor: Addressing the Digital Divide in Newark

We should all be pleased to see more technology companies either starting up in Newark or relocating and putting down roots here. This is a great thing for the city, and it holds out the promise of future high-tech employment for Newark’s children. But at the same time, we ought to consider how ready the children will be to take on positions that demand a high degree of skills in math and the sciences if they don’t have the opportunity to become digitally savvy and feel at home with technology at an early age, as do children in more privileged areas.

From the Office of the CIO: Newark’s Tech Policy is Driven by Mayor Baraka’s Vision for Newark 3.0

When I have been talking technology in Newark, I have noticed a convergence of language.  The city is going through a “tech renaissance,” and it is building a “tech ecosystem,” as we’re getting closer to becoming a “live-work-play city.”  These are all true, and I would like to add some details about just how we got here.

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