Tech Biz Tips: Self-Discipline for Tech Entrepreneurs

Everybody wants to achieve financial independence, be fit and trim and spend more time with our families. This is the fundamental wish list we all have. But most people are not willing to invest in the self-discipline needed to achieve these goals.

At NJ Tech Meetup, Sonnenberg Talks About Leverage, a Startup Connecting Execs to Teams of Virtual Assistants

At the NJ Tech Meetup, three founders of very different startups got the ball rolling with their respective pitches. That evening, an actual cardboard fireplace photo was creatively positioned in front of the table where Price and Leverage (New York) cofounder Nick Sonnenberg were seated, helping to set the mood and warming the audience up for the engaging conversation that followed.

NJ TECH CORNER: SilverSun Technologies Inc.

SilverSun Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:  SSNT) is a business application, technology and consulting company providing strategies and solutions to meet its clients’ information, technology and business management needs. Its services and technologies enable customers to manage, protect and monetize their enterprise assets whether on-premise or in the “cloud.”

4th graders lend a helping hand to schoolmate with prosthetic STEM projects

JERSEY CITY - Fourth grade students are using 3D printers and their interest in technology to lend a helping hand -- literally -- to one of their schoolmates. More than 150 students have spent the past six months designing and building prosthetic hands and tools for people that are missing part of their limb. With help…

Jersey City Startup Welnys Aims to Disrupt Corporate Wellness Programs

Heather Waibel, founder and sole proprietor of the startup Welnys (Jersey City), has created a wellness program that includes a network of providers and software to monitor a member's participation and progress. Waibel self-funded her startup, which launched in May 2016 and released its first software product in February.

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