Is N.J.'s $775M investment in Rutgers University paying off? | Opinion

Opinion By James W. Hughes. The current year's state budget of $34.5 billion includes $2.2 billion for higher education -- and of that, about $775 million for Rutgers. Is New Jersey's investment in its state university paying off? Yes, handsomely. According to a new report by the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, every…

At ACG Conference, Cohen Reiterates: It’s All about the Exit

New York Angels  Chairman Brian Cohen gave the keynote at a conference on April 20 called “The Future is Now: Large Corporate Connects with Early-Stage Innovators,” presented by ACG New Jersey and hosted by Gibbons, a Newark law firm.

TCNJ Students Launching App to 'Handl' Your Tasks, Errands

College of New Jersey senior Tyler Gambardella had a jam-packed schedule last year, juggling classes with extracurricular activities, a co-op and a part-time job. With little time to do his laundry, run to the supermarket or clean his room, he often found himself transferring money to friends and housemates to help him get his…

Fricovsky Unveils the Mysteries of Google Analytics at Jersey Shore Tech Meetup Talk

Bret Morgan, cofounder of  Jersey Shore Tech Meetup, Cowerks and Asbury Agile (all based in Asbury Park), started off Thursday night’s Jersey Shore Tech meeting, titled “Google Analytics for Those Who Care,” with two simple questions: “How many of you use Google Analytics for what you do? Now how many understand Google Analytics?”

Twenty-Four Hours of Hacking Frenzy in Newark Produces Results at First IDT Hackathon

IDT Ventures (Newark) hosted its first Hackathon on April 21-22 at IDT Corporation headquarters, in Newark. And by all accounts, it was a success.

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