N.J. took $1.4B from your phone bill for new 911 system but never delivered

In the fall of 2013, shoppers at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus fled in terror as a man with a rifle stalked the halls. Police officers, going through each store one by one, rescued dozens of people with no injuries. But what if those in the mall could have given police an eye into…

NJ-based Syncsort is Fulfilling its Strategy of Growth through Acquisitions

When Woodcliff Lake-based tech company Syncsort acquired its third U.K. mainframe company in August, NJTechWeekly.com interviewed David Hodgson, general manager of Syncsort’s mainframe business, about the latest acquisition and the company’s growth trajectory.

Catching up with Michael DePasquale, CEO of Wall-Based BIO-key

BIO-key International, a Wall-based provider of biometric-authentication technology, appears to be gaining traction in marketing its fingerprint scanning devices as powerful weapons in the battle against identity theft and other cybercrimes.

What’s Under the Hood: Making Carponents Run Smoothly

[From time to time, NJTechWeekly will be reposting stories written by Tom Morford for Cowerks, the Asbury Park coworking space. This post, an interview with Carponents founder Robin Bhattacharyya  originally appeared in the online Cowerks Makers & Shakers magazine.]

10 Questions for Nick Dennis, CEO of Glassboro-Based Fitness Startup fitDEGREE

FitDEGREE (Glassboro) is a company that’s much different from what it was when the original idea was conceived, in August 2015, at Rowan University. The one-year-old company originally had its eyes laser-focused on building a social network for the fitness community, a platform where fitness folks could connect with like-minded individuals.

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