FOWNDERS – An accelerator for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

Fownders, located in Newark, and the brainchild of Gerard Adams, is an energetic and vibrant incubator with a “Seed to Scale” accelerator program that trains entrepreneurs to build successful startups.

Commvault Celebrates 20 Years in NJ and 10 Years as a Public Company

Commvault, the  tech company that built its headquarters on 55 acres in the former Ft. Monmouth area of Tinton Falls, threw itself a party Sept. 23 to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary and its 10th anniversary as a public company.

Urgency to Define Rules for Telemedicine in New Jersey

Despite several years of discussion, New Jersey remains among the last states in the nation without regulations that specifically address telemedicine. But that could finally change in the months to come. The Senate health committee will consider a bipartisan proposal today that would define telemedicine in state law, establish who is eligible to participate, stipulate what…

“Do Something Completely Unexpected,” Montclair Entrepreneurs Urged at Meeting on Innovation

Innovation, even in big companies and massive organizations like the military, can be accomplished with some ingenuity, and the courage to implement programs first and ask forgiveness later.That was the message from representatives of a startup, a large company, the military and academia at the Montclair Entrepreneurs meetup on Sept. 20.

What's up with internet radio? One NJ station explains the newest media craze

Before 1993, radio entertainment was brought to our vehicles and boom boxes via air waves. Upon turning the ignition key, music or talk would fill the cockpit of the car, and a metal antenna would bring the latest pop music to the transmitter on the kitchen counter or poolside table. But 23 years ago, Carl Malamud…

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