4th graders lend a helping hand to schoolmate with prosthetic STEM projects

JERSEY CITY - Fourth grade students are using 3D printers and their interest in technology to lend a helping hand -- literally -- to one of their schoolmates. More than 150 students have spent the past six months designing and building prosthetic hands and tools for people that are missing part of their limb. With help…

Jersey City Startup Welnys Aims to Disrupt Corporate Wellness Programs

Heather Waibel, founder and sole proprietor of the startup Welnys (Jersey City), has created a wellness program that includes a network of providers and software to monitor a member's participation and progress. Waibel self-funded her startup, which launched in May 2016 and released its first software product in February.

John P. Holland Charter School in Paterson Wins $50,000 from Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

So many kids walk to and from school on streets that are crime-ridden, and many adults have tried to figure out how to solve this problem. But now some students in the gifted and talented program at the John P. Holland Charter School (Paterson) have come up with a solution. And they have submitted it to the Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow competition. The contest asks students and their teachers to use their skills to solve real-world problems that affect their local communities.

E-Commerce Meetup Features Primer on Using Facebook Ads to Drive Sales

At the March eCommerce meetup, which took place at Microsoft’s offices in Iselin, Chris Spaulding, creator of the Simple Marketing System (Belle Mead), gave owners of small e-commerce sites pointers on how to effectively use Facebook ads to drive buyers to their platforms.

Nokia and Intel Working Together to Test 5G at Nokia Bell Labs’ Murray Hill Campus

Nokia Bell Labs (Murray Hill), Nokia’s mobile-network business, and Intel (Santa Clara, Calif.) are collaborating to build an end-to-end test lab at Bell Labs’ Murray Hill campus to investigate real applications for 5G networks.

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