Building a Secure Database for Patients' End-of-Life Plans

Patient Thomas McCooey greets NJ Department of Health Commissioner Cathleen Bennett, NJHA President Betsy Ryan, and HNMC President and CEO Michael Maron. New Jersey could soon join a handful of states that use electronic registries to help ensure healthcare providers treat patients according to their wishes when it comes to end-of-life care - instead of automatically…

State-Wide Coding for Community Competition Announces Winners

The winners were announced for the first ever Coding for Community competition, which was organized by Sustainable Jersey, a nonprofit organization that provides tools, training and financial incentives for communities pursuing environmental sustainability programs.  The organization had kicked off this statewide competition back in January at NJIT, in Newark. The final presentations were made and judged on March 31 at The College of New Jersey (Ewing).

New Jersey Employs More Than 200,000 People in Its Tech Sector

New Jersey employs more than 200,000 people in the tech industry and has more than 16,000 tech business establishments. The average wage in the tech industry is $121,075. Tech employment is 5.5 percent of the workforce. According to CompTIA, N.J. these wages are 94 percent higher than the average wage for the state.

TechLaunch BullPen Continues Its Quest to Find Fundable Companies

Four companies, one student-led, pitched to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs and an audience made up of  interested members of the tech ecosystem at NJIT (Newark) on March 2. The pitch competition was part of TechLaunch BullPen, and was described as a “Shark Tank” kind of event for startups. Mario Casabona, TechLaunch founder and CEO, is using pitch competitions to discover some great companies for New Jersey angel investors.

At Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute Open House, Applications for Supercomputing Take Center Stage

Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) held a half day of talks this week focusing on applications Rutgers is pursuing that use the computing power of its newest supercomputer, Caliburn.For example, Caliburn is being utilized as part of a huge data science and ocean observatories initiative sponsored by the National Science Foundation to collect and analyze data from sensors in the ocean.

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