Opinion: Strong Spring and Summer in New Jersey Tech Sets the Stage for Fall

New Jersey has had one of the strongest spring and summer seasons in the five years since NJTechWeekly.com came on the scene. And as we head into autumn, I thought it was time to review the past and put it into perspective.

In Newark, 2 Gateway Reemerges as a Destination for Companies “Who Need to Move Data”

Sitting on one of the spurs off the high-speed fiber line, which makes Newark’s downtown so attractive to tech and tech-reliant companies, is 2 Gateway Center, a building that has been renovated for the 21st century and is now looking for tech tenants. The owners of 2 Gateway are aware that many of Newark’s positive attributes are well-kept secrets, but they don’t want 2 Gateway to remain a secret as well.

Catching up with Anthony Bongiovanni, Founder and CEO of Micro Strategies

In 1983, a then-23-year-old Anthony Bongiovanni eagerly pursued a career in mechanical engineering, but the growing popularity of personal computers quickly changed those plans. 

Phone.com Debuts its API at ‘All About the API’ Conference

Phone.com, located at the NJIT Enterprise Development Center (Newark), released a new version of its application programming interface (API) this July, at TMC’s “All About the API” conference and exhibition in Las Vegas.

Vognition Voice Controls Incorporated into Nexia Smart Home Products

Vognition, the Oakland-based natural-voice-control startup that was incubated at the NJIT Enterprise Development Center (Newark), has landed a big customer in Nexia (Broomfield, Colo.), a division of Ingersoll Rand (Davidson, N.C.), which has included Vognition’s voice controls in Nexia Home Bridge.

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