What’s Under the Hood: Making Carponents Run Smoothly

[From time to time, NJTechWeekly will be reposting stories written by Tom Morford for Cowerks, the Asbury Park coworking space. This post, an interview with Carponents founder Robin Bhattacharyya  originally appeared in the online Cowerks Makers & Shakers magazine.]

10 Questions for Nick Dennis, CEO of Glassboro-Based Fitness Startup fitDEGREE

FitDEGREE (Glassboro) is a company that’s much different from what it was when the original idea was conceived, in August 2015, at Rowan University. The one-year-old company originally had its eyes laser-focused on building a social network for the fitness community, a platform where fitness folks could connect with like-minded individuals.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Maximize the Reach of Your Expert Content

By now, most technology marketers know that creating expert online marketing content, in and of itself, is just not enough. Quality content is a critical first step—that much is clear. But what good is insightful content if it’s not being read?

NJ Looks to Capitalize on New Federal Subsidies for Solar

The state is moving to overhaul its program to promote solar energy, a step proponents say will reap "maximum benefits" from new federal incentives to bolster the technology. A bill (S-2276) scheduled to be considered by the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee tomorrow, would sharply ramp up the deployment of solar systems in New Jersey over…

At NJ Tech Meetup, Three Startups Present Their Apps

At the Sept. 27 NJ Tech Meetup, held at Stevens Institute of Technology, three startups, including one from New Jersey, pitched apps that were designed to solve common problems. The presenters were Angel Ho, founder and CEO of Nookhub (New York); Rick Rome, founder of WashClub NYC (New York); and Ian Goldberg, founder and CEO of isports360 (Manalapan).

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