South Jersey Inches Closer to Better Phone Service, High-Speed Internet

Richard Mroz, president of the state Board of Public Utilities The new year may bring some long-sought improvements to phone and Internet service for more than a dozen South Jersey communities. For the past couple of years, 16 communities have been pressing telecom giant Verizon to upgrade problem-plagued phone service and Internet connectivity in Cumberland and…

From Isaiah Little of Code for Newark: A Civic Coding Initiative Gets Stronger in 2016

Code for Newark (CFN) was busy in 2016. As part of its regular programming it held 24 hack nights at Audible, where coders, newbs and enthusiasts worked on projects. During the “Intramural Coding Clubs”, CFN helped citizens learn coding with three-month self-guided programming courses in JavaScript, Python and Swift 3, all held at the Weequahic Park Association headquarters.

Tech Biz Tips --Marketing vs. Selling

Entrepreneurs are great salesmen because they are selling their creation for a better world. However, at a certain point in the evolution of their business they have to embrace marketing for the ultimate success of their brand.

Our Most Popular Story of 2016: Propeller

When Aaron Price imagined Propeller –a SXSW-type festival that would take place on a pier in Hoboken –there were a lot of skeptics. After all, who would come to New Jersey for such a thing? And who would sponsor it? Surely, it was too tall an order to pull off in a short amount of time. But Price –together with hundreds of volunteers and some professional help—brought Propeller to New Jersey and the result exceeded expectations by a longshot.

An Academic Perspective: Cross-Sector Collaboration at the Heart of Newark’s Tech Renaissance

Newark is making headlines today as a great place to live and work—and buy what you need to do both. And underlying all of that is expansive, cross-sector collaboration. For example, Rutgers University – Newark is partnering with a coalition led by, including Prudential Financial, The Fidelco Realty Group, Dun & Bradstreet and others to tap local talent and cultivate new generations of local tech entrepreneurs through Newark Venture Partners, which provides them with financial backing, mentoring and business and technical expertise — all housed at Rutgers Business School in Newark.

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