From Newark Venture Partners: Venture Capital Used for Good and Focused on Job Creation in an Urban Core.

I fundamentally believe that Newark Venture Partners (NVP) offers an innovative new model for impact investing. It uses for-profit venture capital to bring tech companies, job growth and economic change to an inner city, specifically, Newark. The logic is very simple: Technology is the only real engine of job growth in the U.S.  If challenged urban environments like Newark are to recover, they must attract high-growth tech companies and nurture the ecosystem of creative young people and innovation that surrounds them. 

From the Startup Perspective: Bringing a New Venture to Newark a Rewarding Experience Says Dan Crain

Bringing our new venture, Gadget Software, to Newark has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our entrepreneurial careers.  Many members of our team are serial entrepreneurs, and have worked at companies big and small, from Silicon Valley to New York, as well as around the world, during their careers. I grew up around northern New Jersey, so for me Newark has always been a crucial hub of so many things, but watching it start to attract other entrepreneurs and technology companies is pretty awesome.  

From the Real Estate Perspective: Solidifying Newark’s Position as a Connected City

Newark has long been ready for a tech renaissance, largely due to its prime location and rich history as a hub for infrastructure. This year, Newark took big steps towards becoming the next tech hub. The launch of Newark Fiber — a public–private partnership offering the region’s fastest commercially available fiber optic Internet for the lowest cost — further solidifies Newark’s position as a “connected” city.

From Melissa Jackson: Advocating for Inclusion and Facilitating Founders of Color to Gain Access to Resources

In 2016, Newark experienced a wealth of progress and new ideas related to the tech and innovation space. What's most fortunate about this renaissance is that it has managed to maintain a strong focus on inclusion and intersectionality. 

From Fownders’ Perspective: Newark is Becoming ‘Silicon City’, Rich in Social Impact Resources

My team's contribution to Newark is FOWNDERS, the social-impact startup accelerator empowering entrepreneurs from urban areas, including Newark. Through our accelerator program, "Seed 2 Scale,” we give the entrepreneurs the training, resources and mentoring they need to build and sell software and service businesses that are fueling the next leg of our economic growth. FOWNDERS has attracted entrepreneurs globally who now recognize Newark as an innovation hub.

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