Rutgers EcoComplex to Host Clean, Renewable Energy Business Accelerator and New Meetup

n the startup ecosystem in New Jersey, not enough founders have heard of the Rutgers EcoComplex, in Bordentown, which is part of the New Jersey Business Incubation Network. The mission of the EcoComplex is to promote the development of the environmental and alternative energy industries, including the testing and verification of innovations in alternative energy among other things.

New Bond Issue Edges Closer as Vo-Techs Make Case for Urgent State Funding

New Jersey voters will decide in a few weeks whether the state should take on more than $100 million in new debt to pay for library capital projects. But even as the fate of that proposed borrowing has yet to be determined, lawmakers are already starting to explore the next big bond issue that could go before voters.

Entrepreneurs Should Be Calculated Risk Takers, Len Green Tells Princeton Tech Meetup

Leonard C. Green, author of “The Entrepreneur’s Playbook,” came to the Princeton Tech Meetup in August. Rather than sell his book, as many authors do, Green gave away many copies in the hope that what he had to say would help this entrepreneurial audience.

A Tour of Online Retailer Boxed’s Distribution Center Shows Innovation at Work

Successful startup, Boxed, a New York-based company with roots and a significant presence in New Jersey, has rapidly grown to become a large online retailer of nonperishable household supplies such as grocery (pantry items), cleaning, and health products.

At the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology, Artificial Intelligence Rules

At last week’s Women in Tech NJ & NY and NJIT’s Tech Talk, titled “The Intersection of HealthCare and Technology,” there was some scintillating conversation about AI, robotics and big data, among other healthcare-related topics.

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