Ason Discusses “Foxes” and “Hedgehogs” in Investing at Montclair Entrepreneurs Meetup

At Montclair Entrepreneurs, the audience heard a talk by John Ason, a prominent early-stage angel investor based in New Jersey

Interview: Evan Koblentz Discusses His Book on The History of Portable Computing

We asked N.J.-based portable computer historian Evan Koblentz for a short interview about him and his book "Abacus to smartphone: The evolution of mobile and portable computers."

Mobile Strategies for Hyperlocal Publications Discussed at Engage Local Conference

Entrepreneurs still consider the mobile landscape to be in its infancy, especially when it comes to appealing to local audiences. This view was apparent at the Engage Local conference in Newark on June 15-16.

At JuiceTank, Entrepreneurs Offer 6 Ways Healthy Culture, Habits, and Relationships Build Profits

Successful entrepreneurs Joshua Davidson and Jack Killion gave business advice in a relaxed, informal discussion at the JuiceTank (Somerset) coworking space and incubator on June 30.

10 Questions for Jonathan Dambrot, the CEO of Warren-Based Prevalent

While most of the country thought of the risks from third party vendors access to business computer systems when Target was hacked, Warren-based Prevalent had been making tools for companies to assess that risk long before the breach.

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