ICOs and Blockchain Hot Topics at February Jersey City Tech Meetup

ICOs [initial coin offerings] and blockchain are on fire,” Ramesh Babu said confidently to the crowd at the Jersey City Tech Meetup at the Harborside Atrium in February.

NJ TECH CORNER: Bio-Key International, Inc.

BIO-key International,Inc. (NASDAQ: BKYI) is a provider of enterprise software and hardware systems and consumer products that enable secure access to information and high-status transactions.  Founded in 1993, the Wall-based company listed a total workforce of 25 employees and 18 contractors as of Dec. 31, 2017. 

Startup Founders, Medical Innovators Talk About Health Tech at NJIT Conference

The NJIT Annual Innovation Showcase, held on March 15, featured talks on reducing unnecessary medical tests, startups that are providing critical social services or solving problems associated with post-hospital care, and an exhibition where a number of health IT companies discussed their products with the attendees.

Rutgers Virtual Reality Showcase Speakers Discuss Impact of VR on Cognition and Medicine

Duping the mind into believing it is somewhere else is a powerful trick. If used for good, immersing patients in highly controlled, repeatable scenarios can be a great asset to medicine. Immersion may help convince patients to use their mental power to begin healing themselves of such conditions as trauma, phobia or phantom limb syndrome.

New Jersey Startup Welnys Takes January BullPen Pitch Contest at Rutgers

Welnys, a Jersey City startup with a platform that makes it easy for companies to offer and customize on-site wellness programs, won both the investor panel vote and the audience choice vote at the TechLaunch BullPen pitch event in January.

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