NJ Tech Meetup Crosses Hudson for Conversation with James Altucher

For the first time in its 7 ½-year history, Aaron Price’s NJ Tech Meetup, in conjunction with Propelify, crossed the river to the New York City side of the Hudson, hosting its 90th monthly confab at Stand Up NY on Nov. 27.

Push to Bring Innovation to Healthcare Starts to Pay off

A growing number of New Jersey hospital systems are challenging the conventions that have restricted healthcare providers from developing innovative methods of delivering care in a quest to improve outcomes and save money in the process. One example is a simple idea with huge potential: a plastic box and labeling system designed to…

Launch Pad Coworking Community is Coming to Newark’s Hahne & Co. Building

Entrepreneur Chris Schultz and his co-founders were early and consequential figures in New Orleans’ startup renaissance when they introduced Launch Pad, the coworking facility and community they founded there in 2009. Schultz hopes the coworking company will play a similarly catalyzing role when he brings Launch Pad to Newark.

Ad Agency JK Design Stepping into App Development with Business Unit App-Eaze

JK Design, a 32-year-old full-service ad agency based in Hillsborough, has found out that taking on a new role is bringing extra energy and innovation to this already cutting-edge company. The company is calling its new business unit “App-Eaze,” according to Brett Fielo, the COO and CTO at JK Design.

Cook Talks about His Evolution as a Founder, Apps and Company Culture at Princeton Tech Meetup

On November 16, members of the Princeton Tech Meetup, one of the largest meetup groups in New Jersey, gathered at the Princeton Public Library to hear keynote speaker Geoff Cook, the cofounder and CEO of  The Meet Group (New Hope, Pa.), a publicly traded company.

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