More Money Available for Funding Than Ever Before, Panelists Say at NJ Tech Council Event

At this year’s New Jersey Tech Council Innovation Forecast event, on February 23, investors discussed the current fund-raising environment, and concluded that times were good for those seeking investment.

Innovators Showcased Their New Products at Propelify

[This week, we are rerunning some of our popular stories from 2017] Propelify's second annual “Innovation Festival” was held on May 18 in Hoboken, in the park by the Hudson River waterfront. Many anxiously awaited this event, which was attended by thousands. This year, Propelify was a bit of a family event, with a Ferris wheel, juggler—courtesy of—and parents who brought their children to experience innovation firsthand and learn about entrepreneurship and business skills. Innovators and their inventions were everywhere. In fact, there was a wide diversity of new products that almost defies categorization.

Frasier and Cheek Wow Newark Crowd with Advice on How to Live Life, Promote Your Startup

Members of Newark’s thriving tech community filled the Public Space meeting venue at =SPACE (Newark) on Aug. 24 to hear from entrepreneurs Anthony Frasier and Lori Cheek, both of whom gave powerful presentations.

Princeton-based Miami International Holdings Strongly Refutes Nasdaq Law Suit Claims

Last week, Nasdaq (New York) sued Miami International Holdings Inc. (Princeton) for allegedly infringing patents and stealing trade secrets. Thomas P. Gallagher, chairman and CEO of MIH, countered back, calling the lawsuit “frivolous” and repeatedly called the larger, more established exchange a “bully.” In a statement issued on Sept. 1, Gallagher said, "We believe that NASDAQ's complaint is nothing more than a feeble attempt to stifle innovation by a smaller company that has had tremendous success over the past five years."

Security Automation Key to Staying Ahead of Threats, IDT’s Ben-Oni Says

Golan Ben-Oni, CIO of IDT (Newark), spoke at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Loft in New York on August 23 about how IDT secures its computers and cloud, and about the NSA EternalBlue hack in April of IDT's servers. “Automation is the only way we can stay ahead of the emerging threat landscape. Security automation is achievable,” he said.

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