Opinion: New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and Business Partnerships will Promote Innovation

A new partnership to foster innovation in New Jersey received the approval of the Assembly Higher Education Committee last week. A-1668, which establishes the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and Business Partnerships, would promote innovation by helping businesses and academia work more closely together. NJBIA supported the bill, which was first introduced last session in the Senate, now S-354.  

Opinion: Propeller Shows Startup Momentum is Building on This Side of the Hudson

It’s been six years since Aaron Price founded the NJ Tech Meetup at a bar in Hoboken, and the good will and relationships he’s built up since then are what took things to the next level on Friday. While falling short of some of the most audacious revenue and attendance goals, making the whole thing happen in such a short time is a testament to his masterful promotion skills and entrepreneurial guts. Price knows how to get people to be his evangelists.

Impressions: Propeller Fest Gets Networking, Business Hopping in Hoboken

Propeller, which took place May 20, was a premiere business festival on a pier in the heart of downtown Hoboken. Conceived by the energetic entrepreneur Aaron Price, of NJ Tech Meetup, Propeller featured a lot of energy! Innovation was the word of the day—not gizmos and contraptions, but apps providing unique services. Also, it was a great business networking event! Many New Jersey companies hawking their services, employing local talent and seeking talent to hire were present, and offered visitors an opportunity to speak to real live recruiters. There were lots of opportunities for contractors seeking contracts.

Opinion: 4 Top Issues Causing Imbalance in Tech Hire Supply and Demand

Technology comprises 40% of the GDP in the United States of America according to the Department of Commerce, however there is a big imbalance in the supply and demand of technology talent in the work place.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Through the Looking Glass—Is Yours Dirty?

In today’s business communications landscape, a tech company can brand themselves more easily than ever before using social media and digital publishing. But a company’s reputation can be enhanced or tarnished very quickly. Sure there are the regular social sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, in which the public can comment or engage with virtually any organization they choose online. But have you even considered the impact of employee-rating sites like Glassdoor?

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