Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Maximize the Reach of Your Expert Content

By now, most technology marketers know that creating expert online marketing content, in and of itself, is just not enough. Quality content is a critical first step—that much is clear. But what good is insightful content if it’s not being read?

Opinion: Evaluating NJ's Cyber Infrastructure for Big Data and Beyond

Last week, the New Jersey Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee passed a bill that would encourage improvements in the state's infrastructure for big data and help grow the information technology industry.

Opinion: An Affordable Path to College the Tech Community Could be Proud Of

From the business perspective, college affordability is an important topic as well as the overall value of post-secondary education. The Tech community and state economies benefit as higher education helps individuals become more productive, better skilled employees and less likely to demand select public services. 

Opinion: Can Post-Grant Reviews Limit Patent Trolls?

On the first day of summer, the US Supreme Court handed down the decision in the case of Cuozzo Speed Technologies, LLC  v. Lee.The ruling affirmed the new practice of post-grant reviews of patents that are already granted—which could have broad implications for patent owners, especially Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs), including so-called “patent trolls.”

Opinion: Build an Innovation-Driven-Culture For Lasting Success, Part Two

It helps to know that there are no silver bullets or magic lists to follow, only environments where innovation is more likely to occur. So by developing a culture that fosters creativity and innovation, you will be more likely to be innovative.  Sound simple…?   It will help you to always talk to and observe your customers, with a singular focus on solving their problems.

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