Op-Ed: Integrating Innovation into Today's Educational Experiences


Adam D. Fried It's difficult to imagine an aspect of day-to-day existence in 2016 that hasn't been touched or even transformed by innovation. It's even more challenging to envision a future in which innovative technology won't play a central role in every event, every career, and every life. This is why it's essential that our nation's…

Rise and Fall of Media Coverage for a Tech Startup

Successful tech startups that become media darlings must be careful not to engage in bad behavior in the public domain, or the press that gave them celebrity status will surely turn on them with the ferociousness of a pack of beaten dogs set loose on their attacker. Here is a cautionary tale about a media-hungry technology startup that ignored this rule and suffered the consequences.

Opinion: You Don’t Need a Cofounder to Be Successful

It boggles my mind how often I hear someone explain to us at Chop Dawg that they need a cofounder in order to be successful. This isn’t to suggest that having a cofounder is a negative, in fact, a ton of positives can be found with having a partner in crime from the very start of the entrepreneurial journey – but it is as if the entrepreneur and startup scene has brain-washed individuals into thinking, if you don’t have a cofounder, you will fail.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Want Referrals for your Business? Try LinkedIn

Companies today attempt a wide variety of lead generation programs—like telesales and email blasts, to name a few—many with low success rates. I recently took an informal poll and asked a few tech companies how they typically generate real business opportunities. Their answer: referrals.

The Most Optimistic Person You’ll Ever Meet (Four Lessons From a Career in Startups)

No doubt. Optimism has become inextricably linked with technology startups. Retelling the legends of tech companies that made billions for their founders – and what intrepid embracer of risk doesn’t see him or herself as being the next addition to the pantheon – we won’t get far without hearing how optimism over obstacle proved to be the difference. If you had a drink for every tech CEO who listed optimism as a critical trait, you would be more inebriated than listening to Sting sing ‘Roxanne’.

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