Opinion: 4 Top Issues Causing Imbalance in Tech Hire Supply and Demand

Technology comprises 40% of the GDP in the United States of America according to the Department of Commerce, however there is a big imbalance in the supply and demand of technology talent in the work place.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Through the Looking Glass—Is Yours Dirty?

In today’s business communications landscape, a tech company can brand themselves more easily than ever before using social media and digital publishing. But a company’s reputation can be enhanced or tarnished very quickly. Sure there are the regular social sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, in which the public can comment or engage with virtually any organization they choose online. But have you even considered the impact of employee-rating sites like Glassdoor?

Opinion: An NJ EDA Program for Emerging Tech Companies That Really Works

This is the time of year that the New Jersey Economic Development Authority starts accepting applications for the Technology Business Tax Certificate Transfer Program, also known as the “NOL” (“Net Operating Loss”) program, for the next fiscal year, in this case 2017. It’s a no-brainer for emerging New Jersey tech companies to at least see if they qualify for this program, but many don’t even take a look. After all, this is non-dilutive money. You don’t have to give up any part of your business for it.

Marketers Using Brand Journalism to Improve Customer Engagement

Startups launching marketing campaigns should start acting like news organizations if they really want to attract attention to their companies. More and more companies are combining marketing strategies with journalistic practices to achieve greater awareness and customer engagement.

Opinion: Why You Should Go to Propeller and Bring Your Employees

The Propeller Festival to be held May 20 on Pier A in Hoboken is destined to be a good time for all who attend, but that’s not why you should go.

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