Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Why Hosting a Town Hall Meeting is Good for Your Business

Everyone knows how important internal communications is, right? Well, Maybe not. As a matter of fact, many organizations greatly undervalue its importance, placing it low on the priority list in favor of other activities like the one we talk about in this column: marketing. As a result, many take a “make it up as you go,” non-strategic approach to communicating initiatives their employees. Yet experts agree that internal company communications, when done effectively and strategically, not only increases loyalty and employee morale, but is also an integral component to driving business performance.

Managing Your Online Reputation

OK, go to your Google page and write in your company's name. What do you see on the first or second Google page? If you don't see anything about your company, it has a big problem.  If you see negative content, it has a bigger problem.

Op-Ed: Crowfunding and the 4th Anniversary of the JOBS Act

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s crowdfunding regulations take hold May 16, nearly four years after the signing of the Jumpstart our Businesses Startup Act (JOBS Act) that opened crowdfunding to small businesses.

Op-Ed: Integrating Innovation into Today's Educational Experiences


Adam D. Fried It's difficult to imagine an aspect of day-to-day existence in 2016 that hasn't been touched or even transformed by innovation. It's even more challenging to envision a future in which innovative technology won't play a central role in every event, every career, and every life. This is why it's essential that our nation's…

Rise and Fall of Media Coverage for a Tech Startup

Successful tech startups that become media darlings must be careful not to engage in bad behavior in the public domain, or the press that gave them celebrity status will surely turn on them with the ferociousness of a pack of beaten dogs set loose on their attacker. Here is a cautionary tale about a media-hungry technology startup that ignored this rule and suffered the consequences.

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