Sponsored Post: Lessons from the Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda File

You debated your cofounders over it. You spent hours wracking your brain to find the best one. It is the first thing people learn about your company, and it needs to be meaningful and memorable. Don’t let the name you’ve so carefully chosen for your brand be snatched away. Trademark rights don’t come from buying a domain name or hanging a sign on a building, and failure to file trademark applications early on could leave your mark vulnerable to appropriation by a competitor.  

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Digital Marketing: Five Myths Explained

By now, I’m sure you’re no stranger to digital marketing. It’s the wave of the future—and it’s everywhere. But let’s face it: it’s still a relatively new discipline—one that’s not easily mastered. In fact, I’ve spoken to many colleagues and business professionals who’ve expressed frustration over the confusing nature of it all.

NJ’s Innovation Ecosystem Taking Shape

In today’s business world, anyone with a car can be a taxi-cab company, anyone with a house can be a hotel, and we all can walk around with desktop computers in our pockets.

Propelify Sizzled on the Hoboken Waterfront

A 90-plus degree day didn’t deter the crowds from congregating on the Hoboken Waterfront for Propelify on Thursday, a one-of-a-kind tech and innovation festival with a regional draw.Aaron Price, the NJ Tech Meetup founder, who brought us Propelify, told NJTechWeekly.com that than 10,000 people wended their way through the paths between the two stages: the Stage of Inspiration and the Stage of Wisdom.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table! Apply for the NJ EDA NOL Program by June 30

he New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) has begun accepting applications online for this year’s New Jersey Technology Business Tax Certificate Transfer (NOL) Program. In essence, the NOL Program lets biotech and other tech companies with protected intellectual property sell their New Jersey tax losses and/or R&D tax credits to raise cash to finance their growth and operations. Emerging technology and biotechnology companies interested in applying should visit http://www.njeda.com/nol. Companies must apply online by June 30, 2017.

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