Restore funding to turbocharge N.J.'s research and development | Opinion

One need only to look at the top performers in the S&P 500 -- Amazon, Apple, Google parent Alphabet and Facebook -- to confirm an indisputable fact about our modern economy: Technological innovation is the key driver of economic growth. Policymakers who ignore technology's disruptive impact on markets,…

This Is Why Curiosity Will Rule the Future

A virtual conversation with Marcus Weldon, CTO at Nokia and President of Bell Labs in April. "I’m relentlessly inquisitive, which to many people looks like competitiveness. Because until that’s satisfied, I won’t stop. I think inquisitive minds or aggressive intellects are just not satisfied with whatever answers they’re given. So it’s not only ‘Why not?,’ but it’s also about finding another way around the problem. I’ve spent a lifetime of being relentlessly curious.”

Tech Biz Tips – Leadership: An Important Asset for Tech Founders

Leadership – plain and simple is: getting your team to buy into your vision and make it happen because they want to, not because they are told to.

Guest Post: Real Role Models for High School STEAM Students

High school freshman Iccha Singh organized and hosted a live video chat session with women working at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in an attempt to inspire girls and my peers to hear firsthand what it takes to work for and become a part of a nationally recognized organization such as NASA.

Asbury Agile — A Unique Conference with a Software Bent — Returns to the Jersey Shore on October 6

The Asbury Agile conference is once again coming to Asbury Park. has covered this conference for many years, and can say without a doubt that it’s worth attending. Organizers Bret Morgan and Kevin Fricovsky have given Asbury Agile a unique flavor that distinguishes it from any other event in New Jersey.  To get a feel for the conference, take a look at our coverage of last year’s here.

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