Branding 101: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

Many companies stumble while trying to achieve brand recognition. That’s because they want to be many things to many people.

Opinion: Accelerators Can Help NJ's Startups Get Up to Speed

Early-stage NJ startups would be well-served to consider the benefits of participating in a startup accelerator to help guide them to a successful launch.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: The Importance of Being an Agile Marketer

Your marketing needs to be agile. The good news is you can adjust your marketing mindset with a new set of tactics that can resonate with a highly informed buyer.

How To Use Media Coverage To Build Your Business

Marc Weinstein of Ascent Communications gives startups some guidance on how to use media coverage to build their business. One tip, seek out reporters who might be interested in covering your news.

Sponsored Post: Is It SAFE to KISS? Should We KISS SAFEs Goodbye?

In an attempt to acknowledge and neutralize that investor-side skepticism about SAFEs, our intrepid friends, colleagues and counterparts from the West Coast have blown us a KISS (Keep It Simple Security). The KISS – essentially a hybrid that attempts to employ the best of company-friendly SAFEs and the slightly more investor-friendly convertible notes -- seeks to level the playing field, says David Sorin of McCarter & English.

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