NJ Tech Community to Participate in Hour of Code –Still Room for Volunteers

All over New Jersey, tech communities are organizing for Hour of Code events during the week of Dec. 8 through 14. Volunteers are still needed for some programs.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Using Content to Position Your Company’s Technology Expertise

Last month, we looked at how, through social media, expert content allows a technology company to use their expertise to position themselves as a powerful contender in the IT industry. Today, we’ll discuss three benefits of using value-added content as part of a powerful marketing strategy.

Eleven Things for the NJ Tech Community to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Here I come up with eleven things for the NJ Tech Community to be thankful for. Please add what you are thankful for, or if you disagree, let me know.

Opinion: Spread the Word about Google’s Solve for X in New Jersey and Apply by Dec. 1

In the past, New Jersey was known as a place for big ideas. I won’t go into details about light bulbs and transistors, but suffice it to say that the state has a legacy of game-changing inventions here. Wouldn’t it be great if we could renew that legacy? We now have the opportunity to do so.

Google is looking for some “moonshot” projects that it can promote, and it wants applicants from New Jersey. This is the website that will tell you all about it. If you know anyone working on a big idea, spread the word. The deadline is Dec. 1.

Today is Veterans Day – Thank You for Your Service

Mario Casabona, CEO of TechLaunch, thanks veterans for their service this Veterans Day. He says he was fortunate to work with various service men/women and veterans during his career. "I always felt honor and respect between us, whether on the same or opposite sides of the negotiating table. Veterans are proud and loyal to our cause of freedom. They are also very compassionate for others, especially those in need or in crisis…they seem to have seen and felt it all."

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