Guest Opinion: Time to Take Action to Protect Advances in Speech-Generating Device Technology, Princeton Firm Says.

Medicare is reviewing a rule change that would dramatically reduce the functionality of SGDs. As a longtime manufacturer of SGDs, and a committed advocate for adults with aphasia and verbal apraxia, Princeton-based Lingraphica wants people to oppose changes in the rules that would limit the functionality of SGDs and reverse software advances made in the past decade.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Using Content to Position Your Company’s Technology Expertise

This month we’ll look at how – through social media, expert content like, videos, blogs, case studies, white papers and e-books –  a technology organization can use their expertise to position themselves as a powerful contender in the IT industry.

Opinion: A Lot for NJ Tech Industry to Like in Kean Collection of Bills to “Foster Innovation”

The NJ republicans have taken on innovation with a package of bills. We find that there is much to like for tech entrepreneurs and tech companies in New Jersey. We want your opinion too. What do you think?

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Today’s content marketing and why it matters for your go-to-market strategy

In this blog post, Anita O'Malley talks about content marketing for tech companies.

A Letter to the NJ Tech Startup Community

[Editors Note: David Sorin has long been a champion of tech startups in New Jersey, acting as a supporter of tech meetups like NJ Tech and the Princeton Tech Meetup and many tech conferences as well. He was a founding member of the New Jersey Tech Council. Now his law firm, SorinRand, has merged with McCarter & English. We asked David to write a letter talking about how the merger might affect the startup community in N.J.]

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