Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Today’s content marketing and why it matters for your go-to-market strategy

In this blog post, Anita O'Malley talks about content marketing for tech companies.

A Letter to the NJ Tech Startup Community

[Editors Note: David Sorin has long been a champion of tech startups in New Jersey, acting as a supporter of tech meetups like NJ Tech and the Princeton Tech Meetup and many tech conferences as well. He was a founding member of the New Jersey Tech Council. Now his law firm, SorinRand, has merged with McCarter & English. We asked David to write a letter talking about how the merger might affect the startup community in N.J.]

Coming to NJ: An Autumn of Extraordinary Tech and Entrepreneurial Activity

With two Lean Startup Machine events, the NJ EDA's Founders & Funders day, a voice technology hackathon, Asbury Agile (a developer's event) and a startup pitch-off hosted by Cory Booker in conjunction with NJTech, TechLaunch and TigerLabs -- NJ is showing that tech entrepreneurship is reaching a fevered pitch.

Opinion: Join the NJ Linux Users Group to Support Software Freedom Day Sept. 20!

[ heard that the NJ Linux Users Group would be hitting the ground in Montclair to make people aware of free software and the people who make it possible. We asked organizer Bob Murphy (Murph NJ) to write about why the group feels it is so important for  readers to support this initiative.]

Opinion: September 11th 2001…A Very Present Day

Mario Casabona remembers Sept. 11, 2001. "I’ll remember September 11th as the day on which a few individuals thought they could unravel our culture but instead we united and grew stronger. We demonstrated our unity by helping one another and proudly showing our resolve to survive and defend our freedom. Yes…many sacrificed their lives that day and they will live on in our hearts and memories forever."

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