Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Want to create opportunities for your B2B business? Here’s How to Start a LinkedIn Group

You’re a savvy B2B technologist—why not consider tapping into the power of social communications by starting an online community through a LinkedIn Group. Some of the most productive groups online are technology based, and your group, too should focus on a topic of value for your audience.

Guest Opinion: The JuiceTank Eight – New Jersey’s Hot Startups of 2014

The New Jersey startup scene has seen its share of highlights and growing pains, but I would like to steer away from the bird’s eye view for the time being. Often when we assess the ecosystem, there aren’t many individual companies that make the conversion. This article lists 8 promising startups that have grown beyond the traction stage.

Guest Opinion: To end the year, here is a definitive list of New Jersey’s most promising tech startups

It seems that, even compared to just a couple years ago, more and more startups are coming out of New Jersey at a rapid clip. And also compared to a few years ago, they are coming out with better and better ideas. What I have noticed, however, is that the ideas have always generally been very good here. As a marketing and PR person, what I always thought was lacking in the New Jersey tech startup scene was great execution.

NJ Tech Community to Participate in Hour of Code –Still Room for Volunteers

All over New Jersey, tech communities are organizing for Hour of Code events during the week of Dec. 8 through 14. Volunteers are still needed for some programs.

Technology Marketing in the Digital Age: Using Content to Position Your Company’s Technology Expertise

Last month, we looked at how, through social media, expert content allows a technology company to use their expertise to position themselves as a powerful contender in the IT industry. Today, we’ll discuss three benefits of using value-added content as part of a powerful marketing strategy.

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