Three Things Mayor Ras Baraka Can Do This Year to Help the Newark Tech Scene

[ is on vacation. We have asked thought leaders from the New Jersey tech community to write about topics that are important to them. Anthony Frasier, our first contributor while we are away, is a Newark-based tech entrepreneur, founder of BrickCity Tech Meetup and cofounder of The Phat Startup.]

V3 | Grow Your Value, Voice and Volume in the Digital Age: 5 Steps to Create an Effective Social Strategy for your Organization

Anita O'Malley and colleague Gerard GcCowan of Perspectiv3 give hints on how to build a successful social media strategic plan.

V3 | Grow Your Value, Voice and Volume in the Digital Age: How to Engage Customers on Social Media

There’s a critical difference between simply having a social media site and being involved in social networking. The difference lies in one critical but often forgotten step: engagement, Anita O'Malley says in this column for

V3 | How to Grow Your Value, Voice and Volume in the Digital Age: Packaging Your Personal Brand

Anita O'Malley shares her thoughts on building a personal brand with NJTW readers.

Startups: Be Aware of Opportunities Through P2B Program, April 7 Deadline

Without much fanfare, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is again launching its People to Business (P2B) event this spring. The special program connects startups with highly qualified middle- and top-level professionals who are willing to volunteer to help the companies grow.

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