Contributor Opinion: My Google Glass Experience Leaves Me Optimistic About Wearable Technology

Our contributor, Steven Galante, talks about his experience with Google Glass in this piece.

Guest Opinion: How to Fix New Jersey’s Developer Problem

A discussion that emerged during a recent Madison Tech Meetup led to this post, which grew out of an email to members. New Jersey startups have a definite problem finding developers, Carlos Abad says.

Book Review: “Pioneer Programmer: Jean Jennings Bartik and the Computer that Changed the World”

Jean Bartik's autobiography "Pioneer Programmer" is a book everyone interested in the history of the computer industry should read. It has the advantage of being true to the author's personality.

Opinion: How to Help the Growing New Jersey Tech Community

In a recent email, Aaron Price shared two ideas for how to help grow the tech startup community in New Jersey. added several ideas of our own.

Opinion: Why Attend Startup Weekend New Jersey?

Startup Weekend NJ is one event that our state can rally behind to help us push forward the startup scene. In fact, it's one of the only state-wide Startup Weekend events, Charlie Patel says.

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