SPONSORED POST: Zoom In: How to Speed Up Sales by Narrowing Your Focus

In this Sponsored Post, Simon Hopkins of iBE.net shows tech startups how to find highly targeted, specific, granular channels to reach potential customers.

Sponsored Post: Ready or Not Healthcare Reform is Coming

There is much media attention currently about Federal healthcare reform, and since I’m a NJ small business benefits broker, I get many questions from confused startup companies about the Law and what it means to small business employees. Here I attempt to explain some aspects of the act.

Sponsored Post: ESOP: Another Exit Strategy for a “Mature” Tech Company

While the usual exit for an entrepreneur is a sale to a strategic buyer or to a financial buyer like a private equity fund, mature tech companies should consider selling to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), attorney Harvey Katz, Fox Rothschild, says.

Coworking Important to New Jersey’s Tech Ecosystem

Coworking makes a major contribution to New Jersey's tech ecosystem. We call on more tech entrepreneurs to get involved, find a coworking space they are comfortable with, and make it home. The more tech entrepreneurs that settle in proximity to each other, the more of a startup ecosystem we will develop here in N.J.

Sponsored Post:Innovative Employee Benefits for Tech Companies

In this sponsored post, Greg Colen of Ultimate Benefits LLC talks about the need for Startups who initiate healthcare plans for their employees to make a healthcare advocate available.

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